Joan and May

About Us

Joan and May are a comedy duo with a taste for the extra-ordinary.

Georgina Strawson and Laura Evelyn created (the respective) Joan and May back in September 2013, producing the above videos from improv-generated scripts, zero-budget and invaluable collaborations.

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Ep 1, Parts 1-3

Deirdre Mullins
DOP/Colourist (Parts 1 & 2)/Editor/Producer:
Connor Snedecor
Producer/Sound Recordist:
Lauris Beinerts
Sound Mixer:
James Bryant
Colourist (Part 3):
Graeme E. Bibby

Ep 2, Parts 1-3

Deirdre Mullins
Connor Snedecor
Sound Recordist/Camera Assistant:
David Chandler
Editor/Special Effects/Colourist:
Creda Wilson
Sound Designer:
Giselle Hall


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